Shop & Save

Shopping and saving??
How so??

Ah, you'll get that explained nicely at home ;)

I'll explain.
Every time you make a purchase with us, you receive LoLLys (reward points in the vernacular).
And you can exchange those savings points for nice discounts.

It works like this:

At the bottom left of your screen, you will see the following widget:

(if you surf mobile, you only see the present.

When you click on it you can log in, if you already have an account OR create an account. And look, there are already your first 200 points.

How to earn LoLLys:

- create an account, 200 LoLLys
- place an order, you will receive 8 LoLLys per 1 € you spend
- follow us on Instagram, 50 LoLLys
- share us on Facebook; 50 LoLLys
- and, with a purchase of +200 €, you get 2000 extra LoLLys.

How do you spend your LoLLys?
- 500 LoLLys = 5 € discount
- 1000 LoLLys = 10 € discount
- 2000 LoLLys = 20 € discount

What you do us, yourself and a friend a huge favor with is with a Referral.

Click on "Refer a friend" in the widget and send your personal link to your friends.
When they use that link and make a purchase, your friend gets a 15% discount and you get a 15% discount on your next purchase.

Cool, right?

Shopping for children's clothing has never been so much fun!

Do you have questions, or is something not clear, hit the chat button, we will answer quickly!

Ana Rita & Olivia