About us

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    I am Ana Rita, 42 years old and mother of Olivia, 9 years old.
    Together we created LoLivia.⁣

    Olivia is a ticklish child, she has hypersensitive skin, which makes it
    that clothing is not comfortable, itches or itches.⁣
    A few years ago, we discovered that organic cotton greatly lightens hair. No itching, no red spots.⁣
    And so we came up with the idea of LoLivia, where we have bundled the best organic children's clothing brands

    We are a little over 2 years old! Time flies when you're having fun!!⁣
    We choose the collections together, we pack the packages together, everywhere
    we try to put in a piece of our playfulness and passion

    We are happy to take you on an adventure in our world of eco-friendly and sustainable children's clothing.
    The brands are carefully selected and are always manufactured under good working conditions, in Europe.

    View our choice here .

    LoLivia children's clothing