Why organic and sustainable?

When I used to be a little kid myself, it was my big dream to improve the world. I wanted peace on earth, no more hunger and poverty and I wanted everyone to have the same amount.

In the meantime I have become aware that my childhood dream was very utopian.

Since I became a mother, I am not only concerned about how my child stands in the world, but also especially about the state of the world in which my child is being raised.
And let's be honest, this could really be better. And we can certainly contribute to that. For some, the step of "we no longer drive the car" or "we no longer eat meat" is just a bit too far, this is also very difficult for me, but we can also improve the world in other ways.

Tell me what can I do?

As you can read here , I started the webshop because of Olivia's sensitive skin. For me, the ecological and sustainable aspect was an extra hit.

The fabrics used by the brands offered on our webshop are made from 100% organic cotton, so without chemical processes. the production of organic cotton is done without the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

The clothing is also produced in Europe, by people who receive a fair wage for this.

And there are other practical extras

We should also not forget to mention the practical consequences of organic substances, which are really very important for us as parents:

Apart from the fact that your little one is wearing super comfortable clothes, in which he/she can romp to his heart's content, there are also plus points for us :)

  • The clothes wrinkle less quickly and dry faster!
  • The substances are less harmful to your health
  • You can set the washing machine a few degrees lower
  • The fabrics last longer, so you can keep them for your next Mini-Me and save some money
  • And less ironing!!


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