Pay for your sustainable children's clothing with Ecocheques from now on

From today you can also pay with Ecocheques in your favorite webshop!

For now we can only take on EDENRED, but we are doing everything we can to be able to take on others soon!

And what do you mean, pay for children's clothing with Ecocheques?
Ah yes hey, organic cotton, that's good for the environment and for the farmers, so eco-friendly ;)
And admit it, those ecocheques, either you don't think about them, or you think you can only buy lamps and plants with them

ecocheques at LoLivia

Win-win, again seg!

It is important to share the working method, because sometimes the technology is not quite up to par...
When you are in the check-out, select MULTISAFEPAY as payment method.
In the payment screen of Multisafepay, you will find the option "Edenred Ecocheque".

Check out what you can shop here !

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