5 fun winter adventures for you and your Mini-Me

The Christmas holidays are coming again and it's another one in lockdown.

Do you really have no idea how to keep your kids busy? I like to share 5 free activities that are always a success with us!

  • Geocaching, hours of searching fun guaranteed! Download the app, that's all you need for this. More information about Geocache can be found here: http://www.geocaching.be/web/nl/zoeken.php .

  • Go into the forest and climb the highest mountains, together with mom, because she also loves that.

  • Picnics are a hit here every season. When it is dry, you can have a picnic.

  • Mushroom photography tour. Find the most beautiful mushrooms and let your Mini-Me's creativity run wild with your camera!

  • Nature quest. Make a search sheet with your Mini-Me and head into the woods. Look for 7 leaves without tears or holes, 10 pine cones no bigger than your fist, 4 twigs that reach to your knees.

Are you going on an adventure?? Share your photos on Instagram and tag us, we love to see you having fun!

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