5 Adventure Tips for Rainy Days

Rain, rain, I can't stand it

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that this weather really drives me crazy. Just like 99.9% of the population, by the way.

And what should you do if it always rains... Those kids are bored to death, and you get irritated. Sound familiar? Then be sure to read on, because I've made a Top 5 selection of LoLivia's favorite activities on rainy days.

What to do in bad weather?

Movie day , get the popcorn up, close the curtains, take a seat with a blanket and have a movie afternoon with your kids. The popcorn is really a must to enhance the cinema feeling

Aren't you averse to a little mud ? Not me, I enjoy jumping in the puddles! So put on your rain suit and go for a walk! To make 10 puddles unsafe the fastest

Karaoke !! get youtube out and get ready for an afternoon of karaoke fun! The loser sets the table ;)

Time to get Monopoly out of the closet, you'll be busy all afternoon!

Bake ! if you haven't finished baking yet, this will remain a winner, kids love it! Do you have a cookbook for kids? stick with it but let them do it themselves, they are APE PROUD of the result!

You can of course shop the outfits to do all this in style with us ;)

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