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De mooiste duurzame TIENERMODE


Organic Cotton

Grown without pesticides, insecticides and harmful chemicals. Not only better for the skin of the apple of your eye, but also for the farmer who grows it


Respect for the people who make our clothes, fair human rights. Production of the brands we work with takes place in Europe. Not only the production conditions are important, but also the path the clothing travels

LoLivia teen clothes

I am Ana Rita, 43 years old and mom of Olivia, 10 years old. ⁣
Together we created LoLivia.⁣

Olivia is a ticklish child, she has hypersensitive skin, which causes it
that clothing is not comfortable, itches or itches.⁣
A few years ago, we discovered that organic cotton greatly lightens hair. No itching, no red spots.⁣
And so we came up with the idea of LoLivia, where we have bundled the best organic children's clothing brands.⁣

Time flies when you're having fun!!⁣
We choose the collections together, we pack the packages together, everywhere
we try to put in a piece of our playfulness and passion


We have also gradually come to the conclusion that finding durable and high-quality teenage clothing is like finding a needle in a haystack.
That is why we have decided to focus on it. We've also been fortunate that the brands we already work with either already offer teen clothes, or experience the same frustration many teen parents experience and have thus expanded their range to 16 years old!
However, we are not standing still and hope to be able to present even more great brands next season!